Hardy Horde
Border kolie – Border collie – Borderky
Categories: Odchovy - Litters
datum narození: 23.5.2006 otec: Grey (GHOST OF PINEWOOD COUNTRY) matka: ANNIE DOT Hardy Horde (Jenny) grey_jenny potomci: CALYPSO CARL Hardy Hordecharlie CANDY RUNNER Hardy Hordekendy CARRY BALL Hardy Hordekerry CUTE TWENTY-ONE Hardy Hordevoko CAT BALLOW Hardy Hordekety CRANBERRY Hardy Hordeberry

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  2. avatar ingrid napsal:

    Are all of those puppies OCD free?

  3. avatar Borik napsal:

    Yes, all of the C-team are OCD frei

  4. avatar Borik napsal:

    Repair – those who are testing are OCD frei

  5. avatar Borik napsal:

    one more clarification:
    Nobody has been officially examined for OCD, because there was no reason. In any event, none of the owners did not report anything like that.

    All have Hips A/A (DKK 0/0)
    Boys: Calypso Carl HH, Candy Runner HH and Carry Ball HH have Elbow A/A (DLK 0/0)

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